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 It's like "Roadside Service" for the water! 

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Products and Services

MARINE ASSIST  is a full service marine salvage and in-water towage company. It is our primary business, not some side line hobby. We raise sunken boats locally and nationally and provide the complete package, not just a piece.

Marine Assist Association, Inc. is a network of independent marine towing, assistance and salvage service providers in various places around the country. For more information on the Marine Assist Association, Inc., please visit their website at  www.marineassist.com .

Before purchsing any of the below plans, please read the Terms and Conditions page.

We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards directly as well as PayPal payments online. Checks will also be accepted for memberships, however the memberships will not be active until the payment clears.

Understand, what we are offering is like a "service contract", or a kind of "specific item insurance". You have to have a membership paid in advance in order to receive free service. It is not possible to buy a membership at the time service is needed and expect free service. If you do not have an active membership with us, we will still provide service for you on an hourly basis.

Marine salvage work is not covered by our membership plan, but by the vessel's hull insurance company. We do our best to work with all insurance companies, but we do not bill them directly. The vessel owner is responsible for those charges in full and then getting reimbursed from their insurance company. 




Choose your plan from these 2 below. (purchase from the "Buy A Membership" page HERE)


Gold Plan..... $95.00 per year

This plan provides the member with free, unlimited, non-emergency marine towing and assistance coverage for 1 year from activation in the local coverage area (all of Lake Cumberland) and in any participating MARINE ASSIST ASSOCIATION network Service Provider's area. Non-local coverage is extended up to 30 miles from the covered vessel's location to the nearest port of assistance or home port, whichever is closer. If a MARINE ASSIST ASSOCIATION network Service Provider is un-available, we will re-imburse the member up to $250.00 for any non-network towing provider once per membership term. See the terms and conditions page for further details. (Local coverage area is Lake Cumberland proper with all of it's navigable tributaries.)


Ultimate Tow Plan..... $145.00 per year

This plan is designed to cover up to 4 vessels under one package, provided they are all owned by the same member and are all listed in advance with our office. The coverage area is the local coverage area of Lake Cumberland.